Community Outreach Award

Mohammed Amejee Olive School Hackney 

Mohammed Amejee is the former Assistant Head Teacher of The Olive School Hackney.

Mr Amejee has been instrumental in leading and actively embodying community outreach work.

Since joining the Muslim maintained primary school in 2013, Mohammed has been instrumental in leading and actively embodying community outreach work. I have seen and experienced first-hand how Mohammed has worked tirelessly in the school’s local community and beyond to promote community cohesion and bring people together. He has had a highly significant impact on children, parents, staff and other stakeholders and has created a model of community cohesion which has turned the school into the beating heart of the community in Hackney and beyond.

Mohammed has consistently demonstrated dedication to community outreach and community service. This is manifest in different ways but most notably his leadership in fundraising. Mohammed has consistently been proactive in reaching out to the wider community and the impact has been very positive for all stakeholders including children and parents.

Through Mohammed’s leadership, the school was awarded the Gold Standard for RE by the Religious Education Council in the UK, becoming the first school in Hackney and its Multi Academy Trust (Tauheedul Education Trust) to achieve such an accolade.

Where work with children is concerned, Mohammed has strived to give them a tremendously positive experience in appreciating their own identities as well as that of others. Through the Spiritualty Days which he initiated and led, he has modelled how faith can be a platform for positive and meaningful community engagement including those of different faiths, cultures, ethnicities, genders and age groups. It is Mohammed’s passion, drive and determination for not just promoting community cohesion, but effectively modelling it, and the hugely positive impact this has had on all stakeholders, that make him a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award.

Educational Supporter Award

Widat Pokun Al-Hikmah School 

Widat Pokun is the Senior Administrator at Al-Hikmah School, Luton.

At Al-Hikmah School in Luton, Mrs Pokun is far more than just a relentlessly hardworking member of staff. She is someone who never turns down any requests and is there whenever she's needed (and even when she's not). Her passion for the school is second to none. So much so, she sacrifices her personal holidays, weekends and family time for school to finish off tasks, supervise booster sessions, cater for school guests and to attend external events.

Recent examples of events she organised to promote community cohesion, parental engagement and British values include arranging ten events in the last year to engage mothers in the education of their children and a guided tour of parliament for students. She also organised a trip to Buckingham Palace, an opportunity very rarely available for school students and the Big Iftar project as well as a local Visit My Mosque open day to engage other faiths.

Interfaith Award

Iffah Al-Hadad Ayesha Community School 

Iffah Al-Hadad is the Interfaith Programme Lead at Ayesha Community School, London.

The impact that the interfaith projects has had on the young people is that is has allowed them to engage in interfaith dialogue which has significantly improved the students and teachers understanding of the "other". The interfaith projects have developed the skills of a mutual dialogue which has helped the different faith groups understand Islam and the pupils to understand different faith group. Taking part in interfaith projects has helped pupils develop a sympathetic attitude towards people of different faith groups and thus allowed students to discuss their differences with members of other religions while remaining completely confident in their own Islam. Sharing the similarities has helped build a respectful relationship with people from different faith groups.

Pastoral Care Award

Jamila Kossar Manchester Islamic High School for Girls 

Jamila Kossar is the PSHEE Co-ordinator and teaches Religious Studies at Manchester Islamic High School for Girls.

Jamila has worked relentlessly, over many years to provide opportunities for MIHSG pupils to become strong, confident and well rounded young women. Whether it’s a collaboration with the local Jewish school, handing out roses of peace in the city centre, organising a host of inspirational speakers to raise the aspirations of her learners, horse rising in the mountains of Andalusia or planting olive trees in Medina, Jamila’s efforts to develop the self-esteem and confidence of her learners has, without question positively impacted young people under her care. The opportunities, which are far too many and diverse to mention in entirety, have given her girls opportunities that they would have never have otherwise had. Her dedication to providing a ‘whole’ learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom has motivated her to tirelessly support learners in cultivating positive relationships with wider society and in doing so, facilitated a deeper understanding of faith within her learners to enable them to appreciate all that Islam has to offer themselves and the world around them.

Transformational Leadership Award

Mona Mohamed Manchester Islamic High School for Girls

Mona Mohamed is the Head Teacher of Manchester Islamic High School for Girls and Manchester Muslim Preparatory School.

Mrs Mohamed has provided inspirational leadership experience as Head Teacher of Manchester Islamic High School for Girls. During her tenure in that position she has applied herself with dedication diligence and as a role model, who leads from the front. Her goals were clear from the outset: to make her school an outstanding school and she achieved this in her last inspection. She has put measures and a trusted team in place to ensure that she will maintain this standard when the next inspection takes place.

The emphasis she places on tracking and assessment, performance management of staff right across the board, and leadership, has impacted on the pupils learning and teaching. She has been an inspiration to her pupils. This can be evidenced by the fact that some of the pupils who left 15-20 years ago have brought their own children to the school because they were inspired by her love for the children and her sincerity. the existing pupils look up to her for guidance, leadership and inspiration.

Health & Wellbeing Award

Thomas Wright Iqra Academy

Thomas Wright teaches PE at Iqra Academy, Peterborough.

Over the past twelve months Tom has introduced Sport and Health initiatives, which have improved the Health and Well Being of all students and staff at Iqra Academy, thereby reducing unhealthy lifestyles. This has been to the benefit of students, staff, parents and the community. Physical Education lessons were introduced for Years 7, 8 & 9 and the Year 10 & 11 students studied the Royal Society for Public Health, Level 2 Award in ‘Understanding Health Improvement.’ Students also took up work placement opportunities with the NHS, K2 Care and with the ‘Children of Adam’ charity. Tom personally carried out a lot of Charity work and visited the Island of Lesbos to support refugees. Iqra Academy has subsequently taken on four Syrian refugees, which Tom mentors for EAL and he has coached all four Syrian students into our newly formed School football teams.

Tom’s input into Health and Well Being has had a dramatic impact on Students, Staff, the whole School and the wider Community. Iqra Academy is now a happier and heathier school, students are more confident and have greater opportunities in sports and Health initiatives, to fulfil their potential as active British Muslim women. Staff sickness levels have been reduced by 55%, Student Recruitment has trebled, behaviour has improved and Student Attendance records have risen to an average of 96% across the School.    

Teacher Award

Tayyibur Rahman Aziz Westwood High

Tayyibur Rahman Aziz teaches Quran and Islamic Studies to Reception class children at Westwood High Kindergarten.

He has transformed the way this lesson is delivered in our setting. As soon as he enters the classroom you can hear the children roar with excitement. His class becomes alive when he is teaching. He is able to engage all learners in such fun and exhilarating ways. Tayyib spends a lot of care and attention often out of school planning his lessons. His lessons are packed with stories, role play, fun games, competition, singing and props and awesome activities. He takes into account the multiple intelligence and learning styles of all learners. He plans well ahead to meet the needs of less able or less confident members of the class. He tailors the lessons so that higher ability pupils are being stretched and not sitting around bored.

Creative Learning Award

Soraya Garnier The Wisdom Academy

Soraya Garnier is the Deputy Head Teacher at The Wisdom Academy in Birmingham.

Soraya has worked extremely hard in making our school a creative learning hub, she has helped all staff in creative writing and delivered many training sessions to help our children with their reading programmes and encourage reading in our school. She makes learning fun and challenging through her personalised approach and giving each child personalised attention and makes them feel positive about themselves, she does this through a positive warm welcome for all children, kind words, positive relationships with parents and plenty of encouragement. She continues to study and attend courses to better her practise and improve what she already does extremely well. She makes the whole setting and school a better pace through her professional conduct and support of the decisions made by the leadership team.

Pupils in her class have benefited through better engagement, fun learning, better exam results, are more involve in their learning. Pupils always feedback that lessons are fun and they are bale to learn better and carry our more independent learning. She supports the whole school and community through being a very approachable member of staff who goes the extra mile to help her children, like personalised intervention for weaker pupils in her own time.

Head Teacher Award

Dr Michael Wright Iqra Academy

Dr Michael Wright Is the Principal of Iqra Academy, Peterborough.

Dr Wright has strategically placed Iqra Academy, the only all-girls Muslim-faith school in Peterborough, working alongside the mainstream schools within the Thomas Deacon Education Trust. Both believe in the vision of “Unity of purpose, Diversity in practice.”

Geoff Walls, Principal of the Thomas Deacon Academy where Dr Wright is a school governor, recently wrote; “Michael inspires me as leader, for his passion, warmth and his willingness to support others.”

In June 2017, the HMI Ofsted Inspector wrote; “The Principal has successfully forged links with other organisations. The school is increasingly outward looking. Parents receive useful information about the school. Leaders’ evaluation of the school’s effectiveness is detailed, honest and accurate. The school’s improvement plans address the areas that require further development. Leaders’ monitoring of teaching and learning is rigorous. They can describe the strengths and areas for development. Staff benefit from well- planned training that improves the provision.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Yusuf Seedat Islamiyah Girls High School

Yusuf Seedat is the Head Teacher at Islamiyah School in Blackburn and an educational consultant.

Mr. Seedat is a selfless individual, one who shares the passion for giving pupils and staff the very best and has the dedication which is required to make this happen.

Under the Headship of Mr. Seedat, Islamiyah has flourished and become a dynamic, forward thinking Muslim faith school; a school that not only has emphasis solely on academic successes but on building the whole person through an ethos of enrichment and enhancement. Mr. Seedat’s visionary approach has had immeasurable impacton the pupils and staff of Islamiyah.

Mr Seedat is truly an ambassador for Muslims Schools. He possesses strong and impressive knowledge of the school system and has always provided a practical solution to unsurmountable problems. He has always welcomed other schools to attend inset training days and other events at his school. He has unwittingly impacted on so many young lives and remains an inspirational figure for school leaders like myself.

His resolve and calm demeanour is an inspiration to us all and a template for stewardship across our faith schools.

He’s a believer of developing pupils and staff alike. He has helped many colleagues in gaining qualifications in addition to what they already had, thereby improving provision and providing best quality education.

Not only has he raised the bar with regards to secular education, he has also focused on uplifting the spiritual and moral upbringing of our students to ensure they are successful and model citizens and beacons to our society.

Pupil attainment, their moral and spiritual upliftment is the core of his activity. Hence his students have always been commended on community cohesion and charity work.